Chairperson's Message

Chairperson's Message

Smt. Kalpana Misra

Medical Education in our province and as whole in our country needs utmost attention & up-liftment to provide educated doctors to treat ailments in every strata of society in each corner of our country.

Besides there being Central & State Medical Colleges of Government, need was also felt to open Medical Institute of great repute in private sector. South India took the initiative and good Medical Colleges were opened in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh etc. in the vivacity of 1980-90 onwards.

In U.P after 1990 few private Medical Colleges were brought under the umbrella of M.C.I., New Delhi in that series, we also selected an area amalgamating urban & rural population to open a Medical Institute at Amausi, Lucknow which may be at par with all India Institute of Medical Sciences or even better than that.

T.S. Misra Medical College & Hospital is situated adjoining Amausi Railway Station and opposite Amausi Airport, very easily approachable from city and village areas. It is fully in running condition and imparting treatment to patients both OPD and Indoor Patients almost or negligible costs. We have been given permission to start Medical Education to 150 students by Government of India after approval from M.C.I It is spread over more than 50 acres area. We are planning to make it as a super speciality Hospital with modern facilities within reach of common man.

I need the blessings & good wishes of everyone for the prosperity of this institution and its elevation as a Medical University in near future.

Thanking You,